Taking Short Cuts | by Ajahn Nyanadhammo

Having just injured his foot by taking short cuts, Ajahn Nyanadhammo gives wise advice on the perils of trying to take “short cuts” on the Eightfold Path to Awakening, and how those perceived short cuts often end up being the long way around for those that attempt them. In the long run, the fastest route on the spiritual journey involves patience and persistence in developing the spiritual qualities that lead to liberation.

How to Change The World | by Ajahn Brahm

Often we are tempted to try to take charge of things in the world and fix the world’s problems. Ajahn Brahm queries this urge to control, and says that another way is to understand and adapt. Indeed control freakery is very much the cause of the problems of the world and being another control freak is not necessarily the answer at all. Ajahn Brahm also refers to the example of the Buddha who could have become a “wheel turning monarch” ruling over much of the world, but instead chose to become the world’s wisest teacher.