Getting high on Vesak | by Ajahn Brahm

Vesak Day is the full moon night in May and commerates the birth of the bodhisatta Siddhartha Gotama, his Awakening thereby becoming the Buddha, and final passing away (parinibbana). Whilst much of the world seeks alcohol and drugs to get high, those who are inspired by the message and path of the Buddha can get high on that very inspiration, knowing that there is a path of increasing happiness and ultimately complete freedom. This is the real meaning of Vesak.

Q&A – Dealing with depression; Difference between Vipassana & Samatha | by Ajahn Brahmavamso

Question and Answer session with Ajahn Brahm during the two days retreat at BSV.

Some of the questions asked are related to:
1. Depression
2. Meditation (vipassana and samatha, what the difference? or the same?)
3. Happiness, including the story about “don’t worry be grumpy”
4. Emotional skill and meditation
5. Five Aggregates
6. Transferring merits

Perception | by Ayye Vayama

Mind arises through contact through the external senses. However these external contacts are filtered through the mind’s filter of perception, fundamentally changing our attitude to our experience. We use perception to make sense of the world, but it can also skew our perceptions and reactions to experience. Ayye Vayama explains how to understand the process of perception in our lives.