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Early Buddhism Class (Workshop 6) | with Ajahn Brahmali & Ajahn Sujato

Ajahn Brahmali and Ajahn Sujato are not just forest monks but authoritative scholars actively researching early Buddhist history trying to get an authentic understanding of who the Buddha was and the events surrounding his life by investigating multiple sources, including the discourses of all major Buddhist traditions. This course won’t just enlighten the listener about the early Buddhist world and who the real historical Buddha was, but will cast these events in a fresh light free from the dogma of any one Buddhist school.

Bhikkhuni Ordination | by Ajahn Sujato

This talk by Ajahn Sujato came at a watershed moment in 2009 when the first fully ordained nuns (bhikkhunis) were ordained in Western Australia. Ajahn Sujato explains what it means to be fully ordained, why it is important, and why it is important to have fully ordained nuns in the contemporary world so that there are equal opportunities for both women and men to follow the whole of the Buddhist path, just as was the case in the time of the Buddha.