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Chanting | by Ajahn Brahm

When Ajahn Brahm was a young man first interested in Buddhism, he had no interest whatsoever in chanting, which appeared to be a useless ritual associated with a rational religion. These days, as he explains, he has a greater appreciation of the power of chanting – in fact he does it nearly every day. Having never given a talk on this topic before, Ajahn Brahm opens up about the power of chanting.

BSWA Chanting for beginners

This is the chanting which is very common in Theravada Buddhist ceremonies. It includes Going for Refuge, the KaraniyaMetta Sutta in english and pali, and taking of the Five Precepts. This video has helpful captions so that you can read and learn these chants as they are chanted.

If you learn no other Buddhist chants, make it these ones.