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Developing the Mind | by Ajahn Brahmali

Ajahn Brahmali points out that if you want to be happy it is much wiser to work directly on the mind rather than trying to find happiness indirectly via external stimuli. To work with the source of happiness (the mind) is much more efficient, and in this way we can change the mind directly which we never can through manipulating external things like possessions or fame, etc. Working to develop the mind is a much wiser, more direct and more far reaching method for developing happiness in life.

Development of the Heart | by Ajahn Brahm

Ajahn Brahm teaching from the year 1993, before he was a famous, globe-trotting dharma teacher. Has anything changed? You be the judge as a much younger (and slimmer) AB teaches about the development of the heart.

Note: This talk was recorded directly onto a tape cassette using basic equipment and the quality of the audio isn’t the best. But it’s quite audible and its a great talk!

Thanks to Wai Yin Chow for digging these up from old cassettes and transferring them into digital format.