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70% not 100% | by Ajahn Brahm

Life is not meant to be an organised event where everything goes like clockwork, and we can’t expect to achieve 100% success.

The truth is we are unable to control our life. Life is messy. This is the nature of life. Do not aim for the unachievable.

We could have 70% of getting it right and we should accept, allow and embrace these 30% of imperfections. We can always learn and grow from these painful experiences.

Ajahn Brahm encourages us to open the door of our heart to the nature of life as it is. He said, “Do not disturb the nature of life and life would not disturb you.”

Not Always Greener On The Other Side | by Ajahn Brahm

“Once there was a frugal farmer who tried to feed his cows with mouldy hay and the cows wouldn’t eat it. The farmer then mixed up the mouldy hay with fresh hay hoping to trick the cows into eating the mouldy hay. The cows separated the hay and ate only the fresh hay. The farmer came up with an idea.  He put the mouldy hay on the other side of the fence but it was within the reach of the cows if they pushed through the holes in the fence. That was exactly what happened. The cows reached out and ate all the mouldy hay…..”

Like cows, we often have the notion that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. This gives rise to jealousy, envy and in turn, suffering.

According to Ajahn Brahm, we need to change our attitude towards life. Statistics show that the optimal happiness one can achieve in life is not measured by immense wealth, great beauty, high flying careers or social standing.  According to Buddhist teaching, it is the middle way that counts. Embrace your ‘average’ circumstance and enjoy the experience.