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Is Nibbana Guaranteed? | by Ajahn Brahm

Most modern people who choose a spiritual path want guaranteed results, just like they were buying an expensive item from the department store – we want guarantees, a working product or our money back. But embedded in this attitude is the idea that we acquire things – while the Buddhist path is not about getting stuff, but about letting go.
But when we do learn to let go, then we are on the path to Nibbana…

Changing Perceptions to be Content

The talk introduces changing perceptions by using inspiration/humour/kindness to let go and increase contentment. This is leading us to be free from the will and to just be. The talk was an offering for the Theravadin Forest Tradition Bhikhunis residing in Dhammadharini Vihara in Santa Rose, CA, USA during Feb 15-24, 2015. To help build dhamma, by contributing money to the temple as a place of practice, go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/support-feminine-wisdom-in-buddhism#/